How To Prevent Possums From Getting Into Your Roof In The First Place?

How To Prevent Possums From Getting Into Your Roof In The First Place?

Possums can be a real headache if they are at your home. They cause diseases and contaminate your eatables. They are generally traced around the places with greenery.  Furthermore, they chew wood and electric wires. So, it would be wise to act against them on time. It is known that possums are non-aggressive animals. But, when they come to disrupt things, they don’t spare anything. So just beware of them, when you spot any signs of their presence. To summarize, their damage is an expensive affair to fix. Therefore, do not think twice and contact experts if needed. 

Following are the steps to control the entry of possums at your place

  1. Detect The Entry Points

Possums can enter your house through holes and cracks. The first step is to detect entrance. You can spray some corn flour near the holes and cracks to trace their presence. Also, you can notice their footstep patterns. This will help you to know whether you have one possum or a family of them. You can fill those cracks and holes to prevent their entry. Likewise, a brown stain is also a sign of having a possum around you. 

  1. Deter the possums from coming back

Possums can be present in your attic, roof, or any top. To prevent them from entering such places, just be a little quick. You should stop their entry through trees and their branches. For that, what you can do is make 2 feet tall covering. This will avoid them from climbing trees and branches. You can also trim the branches around the house. So, when you plan this, night time will be the most suitable time for this operation. At night, the possums leave their place in search of food and water.

  1. Seal the location 

Possums live in garages and sheds because these are places with less human traffic. This is the most favourite place of possums. They hide out in such places to avoid getting tracked. You can try the cornflour method here also. Seal their residence before they return. This will irritate them and push them to leave your place. Changing location now and then makes things miserable for them.

  1. Making their life worse 

Playing loud music annoys the possums big time. Therefore, when you arrange any speakers near their living place. It can force them to move out and hide in some quieter places. You should cover your trash cans. Also. do not leave any food items in the dishes. If they do not find anything to feed, they change their location.  You can also add motion-sensitive sprinklers and lighters in the yard. In short, these methods can give you expected results. If these methods do not work, then try to reach out to the professionals.

Professional Possum Removal Experts

Possums are unbearable and frustrating. They create a lot of problems and hassle in the house. So. if you do not want to face this problem. Contact the best possum trapper company like us. Pest Control Ashgrove is one of the most renowned companies for the effective removal of pests. Our exterminators are well trained and certified to execute pest control very effectively. All your need to do is call us on our customer care number. We will send our experts in a very short while.